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Reliance on the power supply Duxianwang 700, a must-have power supply for gamers


Game players know that the current large-scale game installation packages are more than a few gigabytes, which are very resource-intensive to run, and the hardware configuration is very high. A mainstream game computer has a discrete graphics card with a power of 120W, so the game computer needs to be equipped with a high power Computer power supply. Low-power and unstable power supplies are easy to burn out the motherboard of the mainframe. According to Meiji, some Internet cafe owners bought…

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How much power to choose a PC power supply?

With the increase of computer speed, the power consumption is also increasing, such as hard disk, graphics card, CPU, etc. are all high power consumption users. Therefore, the requirements for PC power supply are also higher. If the PC power supply does not meet the requirements, the computer often freezes or restarts inexplicably. Then, what kind of PC power supply do we need to make the computer run stably and smoothly?

Why use pc power supply?

When DIY users buy and assemble PCs, they tend to focus on the choice of graphics card, CPU, and hard disk, but ignore one very important thing: PC power supply. In fact, although the PC power supply is small, it has a lot of knowledge. The pc power supply is the power source of the main computer. Except for the display of a computer which can be directly powered by the external pc power supply, all other parts are powered by the pc power supply inside the chassis

How to solve the problem of loud computer case

To reduce hard drive noise, it is necessary to minimize resonance with the chassis. If you remove the hard drive from the chassis, you can find that the working noise will be very small when the hard drive is not connected to the chassis in any way. We can reduce the resonance of the hard disk and the chassis by adding rubber pads and other methods to achieve the purpose of noise reduction.

Guangzhou Leadway Electronics Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Leadway Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 1995. It is a leading international high-tech enterprise that provides customized power supply development and manufacturing for various industries. Relying on the technological innovation strength of the switching power supply, it was rated as a technological innovation little giant enterprise, and participated in the key special projects of the national key research and development plan.【View details】


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