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Desktop computer mainframe chassis M7905
Brand: Meiji
Model: M7905
Applicable type: desktop computer
Chassis style: vertical
Compatible motherboard: MicroATX
Material: SECC sheet
Standard power supply: No standard power supply
Front interface: USB 2.0
Size: 43×17×37 (cm)
Product weight: 3 (KG)
USB: Fireproof USB
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M7905Product SeriesHarmony SeriesInternal hardware characteristicsExternal hardware characteristics
Type of machineATX0.5SECC0.5SPCC bright black
Hardware size408x170x370
total measurement438*170*370
Product Features1. The panel adopts industry-leading spray painting technology, which is individual, novel and fashionable
2. Hidden front large power supply, hidden dual optical drive flat design to prevent small discs from falling off and not being read
3. Reserved floppy drive or card reader position, hidden floppy drive door design makes the panel more beautiful, three hard disk positions, fully consider the customer to expand the large-capacity hard disk design
4. Adopt dual power switch design, enhance the service life of the switch, movable power supply fixing frame that can be foldable, compatible with more models of power supplies (only type A)
5. It can install MICROATX motherboard and ultra-wide extended graphics card (Model B is suitable for MICROATX motherboard)
6. The superb production process is made of high-quality imported steel plates, and the special EMI contact design ensures that electromagnetic wave radiation does not leak
7. The cabinet has a firm structure, effectively eliminates co-shock, protects high-speed hard drives, and reduces noise for the health of customers
8. Dual-channel heat dissipation system, independent power supply and CPU heat dissipation channels, to ensure normal operation in the air intake and exhaust circulation mode, ensuring the case room temperature of 38 degrees


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