Industrial Application

Burn-in test system

Burn-in is a component of the system, which is tested before being assembled into the system and running. Under controlled test conditions, the test process will promote certain undesirable phenomena, so the manufacturer can fully grasp the product performance of the component. The purpose of the burn-in test is to detect the specific parts that make up the product. At the beginning of the product introduction, there may be a very high defect rate due to the reliability of the parts, which is the stage on the left side of the bathtub theory learning curve. As long as the burn-in test is carried out for a long time and the stress of the test conditions (high load or high ambient temperature) is strong enough, once the burn-in procedure is completed, the product is almost certain to eliminate the possibility of early failure.




UV curing equipment

UV curing is a process that uses ultraviolet light and visible light to initiate a photochemical reaction, and generates an interconnected network of polymers through the photochemical reaction. Due to its key properties, UV curing is suitable for printing, coating, decoration, three-dimensional lithography and the combination of various products and materials. It belongs to a low-temperature, high-speed process and a solvent-free process. The curing process is through polymerization. It is not produced by evaporation. UV curing technology is used to dry inks, coatings, adhesives and other UV sensitive materials through polymerization. UV LED improves the existing manufacturing process, realizes a thinner, heat-sensitive substrate, reduces harmful by-products, such as ozone, and improves the safety of the workplace at the same time. In addition, the UV LED can be turned on and off immediately, and the input power can be effectively used, which has the advantage of reducing operating costs during the entire application life.


Laser processing equipment

As a new type of light source, laser has the characteristics of high coherence, high monochromaticity, high intensity and high directivity. In recent years, laser precision machining has been used in more and more industries such as new energy, information technology, biomedicine, new materials and electronics, such as cutting, marking, welding, drilling, engraving, ablation, 3D printing, annealing Processes such as cleaning and cleaning require the use of laser technology. The system power supply introduced is suitable as the main AC-DC power supply for various laser applications including CO2 laser, Fiber laser, Diode laser, etc. The drive source required for laser industry applications often requires high-speed PWM switching, high response speed, High efficiency, low ripple and multiple control functions. In order to meet the diverse needs of laser drive sources, a large amount of resources and R&D budget have been invested to create a laser diode drive module LDPC-50A with a high-speed PWM switch. With existing high-power power solutions, it can provide customers with a complete system Power supply solutions to meet the power requirements of diode laser applications.



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